Rabbit Hounds


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Posted by Rinard Leonard on April 28, 2011 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (400)

I sold a puppy to Mark Hudson out of JD and Tadpole and want to know how he's doing?

I also sold T Mike and Hunter to Daryl Dark and I also want to know how they are doing?

When to start a beagle puppy?

Posted by Rinard Leonard on October 29, 2010 at 10:08 PM Comments comments (249)

Guys, in my opinion when to start a beagle puppy is really up to the puppy.  You have some puppies that are physically ready at the age of 4 months that can keep up with your older dogs.  My rule of thumb is to never start a puppy that young with a older dog that has alot of foot speed.  It is imperative that you don't throw the puppy into the mix with a speedster, because that's when you get dog chasing instead rabbit chasing.


My method is to introduce the puppy to a real rabbit around 3 months old and also walking and working with the puppy in my back yard.  The back yard method teaches the dog discipline (in which my dogs WILL have).  I teach the pup to come to me when I call it, I also teach the pup to follow me. As the pup matures it will venture out to new territory and really start to understand what exactly it is what you want it to hunt.  During the teaching phase there is a scent on the ground that the pup is scenting and following.  This is my method and it works for me.


I don't disagree with what my partners have stated, but this is what I have witnessed with my stock of dogs.