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Club Hunt on 10 November 2012

Mid-Alabama Beagle Club hosted a club hunt on 10 November 2012 and we had a total of 18 dogs entered, 14 opens and 4 champions. We had a pretty rough day running be we managed to chase 2 rabbits the entire day.

 Registrations closed at 7 am and immediately following Mr Joe Roberts prayed for the safety and well being of all the owners, handlers, and dogs. Shortly after that we drew cast and we were on our way to another day of running. 

I had a prety good day, but I want to first congratulate Greg Parker for his outstanding accomplishments this weekend! In the opens class, King placed 7th overall.

In the Champions class, Red placed 2nd and Slim 4th and Gabby was the 2nd best puppy on the bench..

Club Hunt on 20 October 2012

Mid-Alabama Beagle Club hosted a club hunt on 20 October 2012 and we had a total of 23 dogs entered for the hunt. The running on that particular day wasn't as good as previous hunts, but we still ran/chased some rabbits.

I had a pretty good day. Red placed 1st in the Champions class (Red needs 1 more win for Grand Champion), Slim placed 1st in the Opens class (Slim is now a Champion), and King placed 2nd in the Opens class (King needs a 1st place and he will champion also). 

Slim also was the Best Male on the bench. I entered Gabby on the puppy bench and she sat down but she will do better next time.

Tony's puppy won the Best of Show prize on the bench, congratulations to Tony and his puppy. I don't know his placings in the field but he did great.

To all the club members, I want to personally thank all of you for participating in the event.  It was a success and I want to see all of you at the next trial. We all had a great time and the next one will be even better.

Judges, stay fair and consistent when judging the dogs and the club will flourish with new members and participation. Until the next trial, (10 November 2012) stay safe and happy hunting!!



Club Hunt on 7 April 2012

Mid-Alabama Beagle Club hosted a club hunt on 7 April 2012. We had a pretty good day of running and fellowship with fellow hunters. 

 I had an overall pretty good day at the hunt. King placed 2nd in the field and Best of Show on the Bench.  Slim placed 3rd in the field and 2nd Best Male. Red placed 1st in the Champion Class.

Tony Ford placed 1st in the opens and I want to congratulate him and his dog on that accomplishment.

Gregg Parker also placed but I don't know what place, and I want to congratulate him and his hounds! 

 Club Hunt 5 October 2013

Mid-Alabama Beagle Club hosted a hunt on 5 October 2013. We didn't have a good day running, but we had an awesome day because we were able to pick up 2 new members in the club. I would like to thank Johnny Godwin and Bo Favre for joining MABC on yesterday. Our club is moving in a positive direction and thank God for that.

We had a total of 18 dogs for the hunt.  One of our newly acquired members (Charles Pearson)won the opens class, and this was his first ever competition. Congratulations to Charles and his dog Sally for picking up the first place win. 

Tony Ford placed 1st in the Champions class and congratulations to Ace for picking up the win. 

Peanut with Best of Show 

From left to right: Tony Ford and Charles Pearson

 STATE TRIAL 19 October 2013

This past weekend 19 October 2013, we hosted the Alabama State Hunt in Eclectic, AL. There were a total of 68 dogs entered in the field and also 4 puppies on the bench bring the total to 72 dogs. We had a tough time running rabbits early that morning but business picked up after the rain let up. Hunter Gray (14), won 1st place in the opens, Gaston Beard won 1st place in the champions and Kenny Vanhoose won the grands class. I want to congratulate all the dedicated trialers that came and fellowshipped with the Mid-Alabama Beagle Club. I want to send a special thanks to Mrs. Carol Roberts, Keith Roberts,  Mrs. Alicia Ford and Diamond Ford.  They prepared the meal for us as we continued to send cast out to run. Overall, we had a great day because no one was hurt and to my knowledge, everyone made it home safe and sound. Below are your winners:


Hunter Gray won 1st place in the Opens Class

Kenny Vanhoose won 1ST place Grand Champion Class. 








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